Tumbleweed - Dave Bringhurst
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Have a seat my boy, I have exciting news
There’s going to be an airplane ride
Perhaps we’ll take a cruise

Your daddy’s job is changing, we’ll have money and prestige
You’ll have new friends soon enough
When old friends are out of reach

As it happens, this is not the place that we’ll call home
With a shortcut to the store, and a field
You like to roam

With people that you like and a place to hide your stuff
I know that it’s not easy
But it’s also not that tough


Tell me mom, is that the sound
Of roots being pulled from the ground
I thought I was a tree but I’m just a tumbleweed
Blowin’ down the road out of town


But Momma when I think about the possibilities
Adventures I might have
Oh can’t we stay here please

It will feel like nothing when we’ve moved away
Our cat will disappear
And I’ll be lonely every day


It’s easy to imagine how my life would be
If we keep things just the way they are
It’s like a guarantee

We’ve lived here just three years, it’s taken that much time
To really feel like this is home
And the neighborhood is mine