Drive By - Dave Bringhurst
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Left turn, right, where are you taking me?

Straight for a mile, then feel… familiarity

Down that street - can you see it now?

There’s the house, it looks the same somehow


Neighborhood where I played long summer days

Childhood memories reflected in my gaze

In the yard, a tree planted by my dad and I

Hard to believe, now it fills the sky


But that’s why I drive by

Old familiar lanes where I used to fly

Down the sidewalk on my bike

Doing stuff I like

All the stuff I used to like


A boy’s imagination and boyhood fears

How did I get where I am from here?

I drive by, then stop to play with ghosts

And think about the stuff I miss the most


I remember thinking no matter what I did

I would never forget how it felt to be a kid

I just wish that I could get out and play

But I put the car in drive and then I drive away


Is my childhood calling out to me somehow?

Saying it will meet me in the here and now

At this intersection of time and space

To show me how it felt when I was home

In this place