My Own Place - Dave Bringhurst
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I got my own place now

I keep the curtains drawn

If they were open

That old tree would still hide the lawn


I got my own place now

It’s kinda small

I keep it very clean

I keep your picture on the wall


I kinda like it here

Though I’m all alone

I keep the door locked

Cause I know I can’t go home

I got my own place now

The walls are very thin

When I hear the neighbors fight

I hold my ears, don’t want to let them in


I got my own place now

The rent is cheap

It doesn’t bother anyone

When I have to cry myself to sleep


And I heard you say that you’re not the one

Unconditional, undisputable love

We’ve tried so hard, and we’ve got a lot done

Some might say, that’s good enough


But don’t you understand if you’re not her

Then all   -   my time’s been running out

It’s been great but now I wonder

Is true love only something people dream about?